My Love Is Nightfall

Sun´s getting far away

When you lose yourself and dream your life away

You see the shape, you see the light

Like a blackest star in the creepy night

No matter what it costs to see it more

No matter where to hide when nowhere to go

Run out baby

You ´better run out baby


My love is Nightfall

It´s a sweetest thing

My love is Nightfall

A blast

My love is Nightfall

My dignity

My love is Nightfall


Days, rainy dreamy days

When strangers walk around you

on their misty ways

Lovers grieving for the days of lust

See comet trails spread upon you the stardust

Run out baby

Run out save your souls



Father, tell me

How can I hide?

Help me, please

To get to your highs

I don’t know where´s the line

Between the life and the dying

I know that people just pray

For Darkness that´s blinding

To be a piece of sand 


A knight of cross in the neon age

Beast in the cave that breaks the cage

Moonlight dancer on the run

Fox that looking in the barrel of the gun


Resurrection of the system

Drives all Bats out from hell

So I am standing on the crossroad

Of the temple of the vanity

On the roofs of frightened city

Flowing in the veil of black dust

Like an old wildling in heavy rain



I am free, free, freemanson


Ashes to ashes, the light to black

Sucks the brains out of heads

Dead mommies in the streets

Say hello to me

And I know that there are no rules

Except mines

Under my spell

Forever and ever

In my Neverland



Is it the end of something?

The rusty grave

Ashes to ashes baby

No one to blame




Baby, no one to blame


I am your prince of thieves

I strike to find the key

And make the plan

To penetrate

To the Holy Grail

To the chambers of harlot of Babylon


Gates of Babylon

halls of Babylon,

love of Babylon 

Hell of Babylon


Lonely Vampires, Lonely Hunters

I walk all night alone

I walk just after dark

All things must pass and go

Like human world around me.


I enjoy all my freedom

Bloody, sweet and greedy taste

All angels, they crying

When they see my nasty haste

Enter freely to my home



We are lonely vampires

Lonely hunters

We play the game of sorrow

Burning lovers in the dust

We are spreading thousands terrors

To the virgins chased by lust

And I say

This is last and final vengeance to the world

and shepherd´s work

Never mind thy cry of babies

When their mothers get my twisted mark

When I get of my throne




Your tears the smile on my face

Your will turn to my God tonight

We will live for no tomorrow

Lost generation coming out from the dark



Siberia Winter Sun

The sun is blinding the fear inside

The chill that freezes the air and freezes you

The motivations, the fails

Only to dance with the angels

She´ always praising for my feel

Praising for my feel

The deprivations, the fakes

Only to cross that line

She is just dying for me


Siberia winter sun

No forgiveness for what I’ve done

No redemption in the grass

Under the crimson sky under the frozen stars

Under the moon


The sun is dying I flow

Into the stream of the memories

You still are dancing for me


The sun is closer, do you feel, do you feel

The sun is ... like a ... in the sky

The mind is open, what is real, what is real

Demons are dancing, just to trying angels cry this night

Oooo, this night, under the crimson sky

die dreams .................


Angels fall, from the sky

Reach the stars to see them fly

Queen of snow on her frozen throne

She will not save you from your own self


Under the winter

Under the winter sun



Last Maryshka's Table Dance

There´s a mansion with the big doors locked

Tell the password to the man in black

Follow to stairway that´s leading down, down, down

Through the darkened halls entranced

You see Maryshka´s table dance

Enter freely, don´t be shy

Someone is supposed to die

Baby someone will die

You just do not know why

Could it be stopped you can try

Don't cry


Are you sinners ready for their act  

Salty sweat drips from her breast.

You cannot fight it or save your soul, bitch

Nothing just say so.

She plays her last solo

She dance her last solo

You see her picking up breaking up

shaking up slowly

Until the last verse



Bad, bad, bad romance

Maryshka´s table dance

Lips Red, eyes of dream

She´s the devil

She´s the queen

She will suck out all your brains

Lady that´s not worthy trust

Music over, and there standing

Nine men with loaded guns

One bullet, just only one bullet

They scream

Shooting now, falling down, choking, dying

Until their last breath



Tears are falling

Voices calling

Don´t wake me

I wanna kiss you

Tease you, adore you

And never stop

Am I still dreaming?

Or just this feeling

Is not for real?

I give you my soul

To fly with you

Across the seven seas


She said

I´m the Abyss, I´m the Judge

The Nightmare from the frozen Hell

I am here to punish sinners,

you can feel my deadly smell

No regrets, yes I have no regrets,

I will by your private Goddess,

you will be my favorite slave

Be my favorite slave,

one more favorite slave

would you be my slave,

devil's favortie slave


The Green Wedding Day

Deep in your forest realm

Silent hills everywhere

Bonfire leads your way

This night is

The Green Wedding Day

This boy have signs of boars

You lie on the bed of moss

He will hunt you, you´re the prey

Sky will fall

The Green Wedding Day

Dance and dream. Celebrate.

Firelights. My Morrigane.

Won´t you be now,

saint or sane?

Reveal yourself

On Green Wedding Day


Talk to me I feel no pain

(The Green Wedding Day)

Dance with me in wind and rain

(The Green Wedding Day) 

I feel you shake so deep inside

(The Green Wedding Day)

Be my druidess, raven heart

(The Green Wedding Day)

The Raven

One more raven says to you once more his Nevermore

One more hole inside your flesh starting this ugly war

Fly with me, my Raven dear fellow

Guide me through November shadow

I show you the way I´m losing my soul

One more raven says to you once more his Nevermore

One more hole inside your flesh starting this ugly war

They say we must be waiting

They say we must be patient

They say we must be waiting

I wanna be saved now

Only the dead have seen end

One more crazy night with girl that you see nevermore

One more lonely broken heart, broken for evermore

God . . Is not it too much?

When we talk to the angels

́cause se it burns like fire

This burning desire

One more Raven

One more Jesus

One more Angel, that never save us

One more day, one more babe, Yeah ooh

One more Raven, one more Jesus

One more Angel never save us

Aaah Raven tell me nevermore

Nevermore . . .

Diamonds of the Altai Crown

Thousands and thousands miles away

Where She ́s Reaching The Sky

Hundreds and hundreds souls in hell

Lost forever

They fell from high so deep

in silence unhappy pilgrims

In to the arms of the mighty queen

into the void

Fading Footprints in the melting snow


Now i am leaving The world I know

For revelations, the Edge of Rainbow


(You see the) Diamonds of the Altai crown

Mysteries of time surround me

(The darkest Hallways) In the underground


You re on the long way, the end of final track

Queen of silver, fields of snow

Time and space, that leaves no trace

Thousands and thousands miles away

The New Day ́s is rising

The Crown of the Queen Breaks Through The Clouds

Reaching for Heaven (now and forever)

They fell from high so deep in silence

Another pilgrim

They fell from high so deep

in silence unhappy pilgrims

In to the arms of the mighty queen

into the void

From the mountains The Queen will come.

Screaming for vengeance

She will stop the war, and start the golden world

Giving peace to the nations

And for the freedom she will call to arms

And her legion coming from the mouintain sides

The soldier rising in the ice and snow

Rising again wrom their frozen tombs

the pagan wombs

From the doom

Coda: And time, the time is not on your side

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